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Facility Use* – $500 for Non-Parishioners, $200 for Parishioners


Wedding Directress* (10-14 hours) – $300 

Wedding Day Assistants (4) – $120  ($30 each)


Altar Guild* – $330


Clergy Honorarium – $400

This required honorarium applies only to couples who are not pledging members of the parish.  Members of the parish may choose to offer an honorarium to the officiating priest at their own discretion.  It is given to the officiating priest on the day of the wedding.


Organist* – $250

This fee is in accordance with the American Guild of Organist standard.  If the organist is to attend the rehearsal, there will be an additional charge of $70.  With prior approval, another musician may play our organ, and in that case, the parish organist receives a “bench fee” of $100.


Sexton* – $80

          (Additional $40 if reception is included)


Acolytes* – $20 each

          (use of acolytes is optional)


Candelabras – no charge

          (optional, but the couple provides the pre-approved candles)


Receptions – TBD

This includes the use of the parish hall and kitchen facilities.  Please see the section on receptions for more information.

 Total Package

  • $1800 for Non Parishioners
  • $1500 for Parishioners

*These donations are to be placed in separate, marked envelopes and given to the wedding hostess at the time of the rehearsal.  We request that the amounts be in cash, please.