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All weddings will be performed according to the Canons of the Episcopal Church and will strictly adhere to the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer (1979).


Blessings of Civil Marriages

Occasionally, couples choose to have their wedding elsewhere and have their marriage blessed here at Ascension.  Please consult with the Rector about this.



The clergy and the organist are willing to work with you in the selection of music for before, during, and after the service.  It is a general rule that only sacred music will be permitted.  Hymns are encouraged.  There are certain compositions which are strongly discouraged, and the use of which will have to be negotiated.  The Rector and organist will need to approve any selections you make.



Those being married are responsible for ordering and purchasing any extra flowers for the High Altar, Chapel Altar, and the Mary Shrine.  Flowers placed in the church remain there after the service as an offering to God for Sunday Services.  Our wedding directresses can give you helpful advice about suitable arrangements.


Rice, Confetti, or Rose Petals

Sorry, the throwing of rice, confetti, bird seed, or rose petals is not allowed anywhere on the church grounds.


Photography and Video

The recording of an event in the church should never intrude on or obscure the event itself.  We do not permit any flash pictures during the wedding.  Your photographer may use the available light in the church for pictures during the wedding and may take a flash picture as you leave the church.  Videotaping is also permitted from certain positions using available light.  Flash pictures are permitted both before and after the service for posed photographs of the wedding party.  We insist that photographers be unobtrusive and cooperative and work under the instructions of the officiating clergy and wedding staff.  Please consult with your wedding hostess about this policy before hiring a photographer.  Our belief is that your wedding is a solemn and beautiful event which must be respected and cherished.