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Policies and Procedures

In considering a wedding at the Church of the Ascension, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.  Because Christian marriage is a solemn and public covenant between two people in the presence of God, marriage is taken very seriously by the clergy and people of this parish.  According to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, the Rector or officiating priest may decline at any point to officiate at any marriage.  Nonetheless, throughout the preparations, the Rector and parishioners of Ascension commit themselves to providing a community of support and nurture to those entering into Christian marriage here.

Who Can Be Married At Ascension

Normally, at least one of the persons being married here should be a baptized Episcopalian and a member of Ascension.  Adult children of present members of Ascension are also welcome.  In some cases, persons who are members of another Episcopal church may be married here with the cooperation of their priest.  Persons who do not presently have any church or Gooden School affiliation should attend Sunday services at Ascension consistently for two months after introducing themselves to the Rector before he will discuss wedding plans with them.  Couples are encouraged to become parishioners, and Sunday attendance at worship is assumed before as well as after the wedding.  Any exception to this policy will be made on a case by case basis by the Rector.  Some divorced persons, under certain circumstances with the permission of the Bishop of Los Angeles, may be remarried in the Episcopal Church.


Booking a Wedding Date

Although the Canons state that the absolute minimum notice is thirty days, it would be very unusual for less than ninety days to be adequate.  Please do not decide upon or consider any dates before you consult with the Rector.  Also, please remember that weddings are not performed here during Lent (the six weeks before Easter).


Pre‑Marital Preparation

All marriages celebrated at this parish will be preceded by several sessions of pre‑marital preparation covering such areas as personal finances, sexuality, family backgrounds, personal histories, communications skills, commitments beyond the marriage, Christian theology of marriage, and compatibility.  Please be aware that on rare occasions, issues arise during the pre‑marital discussions that compel a couple to alter their plans to marry or affect the priest’s willingness to officiate.


Marriage License

This must be obtained from the County Clerk’s office of Los An­geles County.  The license must be at the parish office three days before the wedding, For more information call 800-201-8999.


Church Seating Capacity

Our maximum capacity is 210 people.  Our space also limits the size of the wedding party.  The church is air conditioned.


Wedding Staff

The Clergy of Ascension perform the ceremony unless in rare cases special permission has been granted by the Rector for guest clergy to officiate.

The Wedding Directress is a member of the Altar Guild who will help you with any questions, preparations and decisions that need to be made prior to the wedding.  She is available for consultation on flowers, photographers, and many of the details to make a wedding a wonderful occasion.  The Altar Guild provides at least two wedding hostesses to assist you with the rehearsal and the wedding itself.

The church also can provide an organist for music during the wedding.  The Sexton sets-up and cleans up before and after the wedding.  Acolytes are available for the ceremony upon request.