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The rite of Baptism, along with the Holy Eucharist, is one of the two fundamental sacraments of the Christian faith. Those baptized with water in the name of the Trinity are “marked as Christ’s own forever,” as our prayer book says, and become full members of Christ’s body, the Church. Baptism is not simply a naming ceremony or rite of passage; it creates an indissoluble bond between the individual and the worshipping community. It is therefore appropriate for both the youngest child and the oldest adult. The Episcopal Church recognizes baptisms from all other Christian denominations. Because we believe baptism requires the affirmation of the community, it ordinarily takes place on Sunday morning during worship; barring unusual circumstances, we do not conduct “private baptisms.” Baptisms may be scheduled throughout the year, though usually not during the season of Lent. If you are interested in preparing yourself or a child for baptism, or just want to learn more about what is involved, please speak with the Rector or contact him by calling the church office at 626-355-1133.